Covid-19 has caused many mental health issues for people. These issues affect not only those who have Covid-19 but everyone. Depression, anxiety, and stress are growing concerns during this pandemic. To help you and your family deal with anxiety and panic attacks, in today's video article, I have addressed the following questions: 

1. What is a Panic Attack?

2. Difference between panic attack & anxiety

3. What is Panic Disorder?

4. What is anticipatory anxiety?

5. What is phobic avoidance?

6. What causes Panic Attacks?

7. Treating panic disorders

8. Coping with panic attacks

In conclusion, being aware of how to cope with panic disorders is the most important thing. A few quick points to remember are: (a) practice grounding techniques, (b) Get adequate sleep, (c) Eat healthy and drink enough water, and (d) build a strong social support system. 

If you experience panic attacks too often, it is best to consult an expert immediately.

Stay happy, stay safe!