At the time of injury we always messed up with from where to start, so for an immediate actions always remember P.R.I.C.E for initial 72 hours . initial 72 hours is very crucial for your faster recovery and mostly people do mistake in this initial phase only . Some times people go for massage , hot fermentaions, or they will not do anything wait for time to heal.

By this simple approach you can make your injury to heal faster and let you enter back to your ADLs ( Activity of Daily Living ) sooner. what does P.R.I.C.E stands for :

  • Protection :-  Means protect injured part , make that patient stable support that part with appropriate measures. 

  • REST:- Reduce activity of daily living  and if it is lower limb injuries then make sure to avoid weight bearing of that side. 

  • ICE:- Ice application is very important to reduce swelling (either  winter season or summer season) apply ice for 20 min at least 6-8 times a day.

  • COMPRESSION:- It can be achieved by using crepe bandage , elastic wraps, special boots ,air casts or splints

  • ELEVATION :- If possible, keep the injured part elevated by using pillow above heart level this will help you to reduce swelling . 


By this simple 5 ways you recover in a faster rate . Do always get into your mind NO hot fermentation for initial 72 hours it always increases your swelling .

No massage till 72 hours  it will cause the damage more to the injured part.

Rest as much as you can.

I hope this small piece of knowledge will help you somewhere in your daily living.

Have a healthy Active Life Style!!!!!