Introduction -

Oral cavity / mouth reflects many conditions like vitamin deficiency, iron deficiency, general health [immunity] many skin conditions and blood diseases etc etc. Therefore oral cavity is the index to your overall health.

Tongue reflects decreased immunity by showing candidal infection.

            Apthous ulcers reflect stress and iron deficiency.

            Depapillation reflects vitamin defeciencies.

Many skin diseases are first diagnosed at dental offices by reflecting on oral [mouth] mucosa.[eg: pemphigus, Herpes, psoriasis etc]

Tooth Eruption - Many hormonal imbalances can be identified with delayed eruption by coerrelating with other factors like intelligence.

Bad breath reflecting from mouth is indicative of - defective oral cavity to
malfunctioning organs [like liver, kidney, lungs, gut] and metabolic
disorders like Diabetes. So beware of your breath and keep yourself fit
& healthy!

Reasons for bad breath -
1. Lack of oral / mouth hygiene
It is seen as - Plaque & calculus accumulation, Bleeding
gums, loose teeth

solution - Regular professional cleaning – scaling and root
planning [flap surgery if required (done for people with
severe gum problems)] and maintain the healthy
environment by brushing & flossing.

Dental cavities [holes in teeth]
solution - Avoid food accumulation on and in-between your
teeth [prevention]. Filling the cavities / Root canal
treatment [depending on the depth of the hole].

Ill fitting dentures -
solution - Dentures must be maintained hygienically by
regular washing with soap and water. Removing dentures
during night time for proving relaxation to tissues.

2. Dry moth / xerostomia

It is seen in - Dehydration, as a side effect of certain medications.

solutions- Maintaining hydration of body by taking minimum 1-2
liters of water per day,
frequent sipping of water & usage of fluoridated tooth
paste for dry mouth due to medications.
Chewing sugarless chewing gums

3.Habits - Tobacco, Alcohol etc

4. If all the above problems are ruled out, then check for
other diseases and illnesses - respiratory tract infections such as
pneumonia or bronchitis,

chronic sinus infections,

postnasal drip

diabetes [undiagnosed /uncontrolled],

chronic acid reflux, and
liver or kidney problems

Solution - Consult a physician and stay healthy !

Last but not the least, no investigation is waste! Investigations sometimes show wonders and a life can be saved!