Dermoid cyst is a benign tumour of the ovary that may contain hair (seen in this picture), oil (like skin secretion), skin, teeth, bones, cartilages etc.

The chance of malignancy is very rare.

But if left untreated, it can undergo TORSION (twisting of the ovary, causing severe pain and may cause gangrene of the ovary if untreated, an ACUTE EMERGENCY) and also hemorrhage inside the cyst.

It is one of the commonest ovarian cysts found in infertile women. 

Laparoscopy is safe and effective way of removal of this cyst. But care should be taken to minimize the damage to the ovary during the operation. 

Dermoid Cyst Removal and Preserving the healthy Ovary by Laparoscopy in a lady with Infertility.

It was 5 cm dermoid cyst in left ovary. After taking consent and explaining the risk, we proceeded for Laparoscopy and removed the cyst with all hair (!!!) and secretion. The right ovary was intact and not disturbed. The left ovary was preserved as much as possible so as not to compromise her Fertility much.

We also performed hysteroscopy to look inside the uterus in the same sitting (with her consent) to avoid the need of second operation.

We also checked whether the tubes are patent or not by inserting blue dye (Methylene blue- shown in the picture).

It was a CHALLENGE to remove the cyst (5 cm size) keeping the ovary (we took consent from the woman that she may require removal of the ovary, fortunately it did not happen).

The operation took long time but finally it was done.

PS- Uploaded with kind permission from the patient

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