Our Body is Made up of What we Eat, Is it true? Yes. The seven Dhatus are the seven tissues of the body. In English they are- Plasma, Blood, Muscle, Fat, Bone, Bone Marrow / Nerve and Reproductive tissue. In Sanskrit, they are Rasa, Rakta,Mamsa, Medas, Asthi, Majja and Shukra. They are prepared in our body using our eating material called food. So eat a good quality of food to build a good quality of body.

So if you eat Wada Pav after each five day wada pav is get converted into Plasma, Blood, Muscle, Fat, Bone, Bone Marrow / Nerve and then Reproductive tissue. Same will happen with all food items. Because of this theory all Ayurvedic Physicians suggest Pathya Apathya i.e. what to eat and what is not to eat during treatment.

One more example i will give you here. One patient came to me with cough and sinusitis. I checked and done his NADI PareekSha. Nadi was showing Kaphaj and Guru Guna. So i was asked him that did you eat Curd, Lassi, Any milk items ice-cream, etc. Obviously patient eplied before two days he consumed 4/5 bowl Shrikhanda and last night Ice-Cream. So in this Case, The food he had eaten increased his cough (Kapha Dosha) in his body and resulted into sinusitis.

Another example is of Psoriasis patient. The patient came to our Clinic with diagnosis of psoriasis. He was previously treated with Allopathy medicine with steroid tablet and creams. Whenever he was taking tablets and applying cream over the body his patches was disappearing, he was feeling itching less. As he stopped his medicine all the signs and symptoms was appearing. I checked and done his NADI PareekSha and starting to ask him what he had eat before and now. The answer was Spicy nonvage, eggs, alcohol, Farsan, fast food, packed food, Tea plus Chapati, biscuits, etc. So what happens if we consume this food? These food items are not good for our tissues. They stuck into blood, muscles and skin. And they develops diseases of skin like Psoriasis.

So eat home made clean food and tissue friendly food items and keep your body disease free.

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Dr Sandeep Kale

Assistant Professor

Rognidan Department

SS Ayurved College, Hadapsar, Pune.