Every year in India, 5 lacs patient die due to unavailability of particular organ, amongst their relatives due to non-matching blood, etc.

In such conditions brain dead patients can be a help to these patients.

If the patient haven't opted for organ donation before, their relatives can decide on behalf of the patient.

Every unconscious patient is not considered brain dead but a patient who cannot regain the consciousness again in a limited time period, the patient's whose respiration is maintained with the help of ventilator is considered to be brain death.

There is no chance of any improvement in a brain dead patient.

After the patient is declared to be brain dead, within 6 hours his organs should be used. Hence it is important to decide quickly.

Patients with HIV, cancer, poisoning cases, septic conditions are not considered for organ donation.

Donor's dead body has no altered external scar which is easily visible or any appearance which might be disturbing, so this won't affect his funeral rituals.

Every religion has given importance to organ donation.

Infact donating organs to needy patients is considered pure and it is mere responsibility of everyone for the sake of humankind.

If not organ donation, everyone can at least create awareness about it and contribute to this noble cause.

In every registered hospital you will find a department for it, which will give you more and detailed information about it.

Any information regarding donor or recipient is shared with anyone, it is extremely confidential and is not violated in any circumstances.

So please let's come together and support this cause.