Oral lichen planus is an immune mediated disorder. It is characterised by T cell destruction of basal cells of epithelium. It is often confused with lichenoid reactions.Clinical features:Oral lichen planus generally affects females more than males.

 Three distinct patterns are noted in this condition:·     




The most recognizable is keratotic orreticular form. It is symmetric in distribution. Reticulations are noted on thebuccal mucosa and tongue most commonly. However any mucosal area can be affected. It is a painless variant. Erythematous or erosive variant is usually painful and is commonly noted on the gingiva. Differential Diagnosis:·       


 Lichenoid reactions

Apthous ulcers·   


Management:Topical steroids and oral anti inflammatory agents may be given for management. Oral steroids or hydroxychloroquine have been used in severe cases. Drugs like azathioprine, cyclosporine, colchicines as well as multivitamin capsules have been used in the management.