Indians are becoming fitness conscious, and to top it, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has led everyone to prioritize their health and fitness goals even more. 

Thanks to technology - a single portable, wearable device that can help us track heart rate, calories burnt, sleep pattern, and blood oxygen levels, without the need for much investment and testing, is now available to users.

Fitness bands are a buzz these days. Besides adding to your style quotient, they are your personal health ambassadors that can track your daily health. It is a device to monitor and track fitness-related metrics such as calories consumed, distance walked or ran, or the rate of your heartbeat. 

The best and high-end fitness trackers available in the market are expensive to buy. The biggest drawback of any fitness band, however, is its accuracy. 

The good news is that OPPO, has recently launched its OPPO Band Style and they seem to overcome all the drawbacks that most other fitness bands come with. Priced at just Rs. 2999, the OPPO Band Style is ready to activate your health. 

Measuring Blood Oxygen (SpO2) Levels

SpO2 also known as oxygen saturation, is a measure of the amount of oxygen in your blood which is represented in percentage. Your body needs to maintain a certain level of oxygen in the blood to function efficiently. A normal reading of SpO2 would be anywhere between 95 to 100 percent. 

The OPPO Band Style provides continuous SpO2 monitoring with a built-in optical blood oxygen sensor. The optical sensor obtains this data by shining lights onto the blood vessels of the user’s wrist and collecting the data that is reflected to the sensor. The device can even monitor your SpO2 levels during sleep, thus, giving important indicators for improvement in your sleep quality.  

Along with this, the Band Style also provides continuous sleep monitoring to analyze sleep length and sleep stages in order to guide you to develop healthy sleep habits.

Monitoring Heart Rate and Stress

Your heart rate is the number of times your heart beats in a minute and it can vary from person to person. For adults, the ideal heart rate should be between 60–100 beats per minute, which can vary when you are sleeping, having a fever, under stress, on medications, or while working out. 

Most people measure their heart rate to determine how hard their body has been working. Monitoring your heart rate with a fitness tracker will help you avoid stress injury to your heart during your workout and also help in identifying any other underlying heart conditions. 

The OPPO Band Style offers round-the-clock heart rate monitoring. By using a built-in optical heart rate monitor, the OPPO Band Style provides an indication when the heart rate goes too low or too high and warns you about the irregularity. 

It is natural for people who exercise to have varying heart rates depending on the level of training but this can be really handy to prevent any kind of over-training that can throw you off your workout progress. 

Tracking Your Workouts

Fitness trackers have advanced motion sensors that are accurate and determine the exact body positions during workouts. This positional data can outline what exercises and workouts you are doing automatically and track them without any intervention. 

The OPPO Band Style offers 12 workout modes along with various other smart functions. The workout modes are based on popular sports, including Outdoor Run, Indoor Run, Fat Burn Run, Outdoor Walk, and Outdoor Cycling, etc. 

The device records data like heart rate, activity length, and calories burnt to provide an effective evaluation of your workouts for self-improvement.

You also get a fat burn mode for runners who like to use fat reserves to improve their endurance efficiency and VO2 max (maximum rate of oxygen consumption measured during incremental exercise).

For those who are not into dedicated workouts, the device also provides daily activity recording via a multicolored display to show steps, calories burned, exercise duration, and activity of the day in bars to keep you mobile and active via the HeyTap Health app. 

HeyTap Health is a personal fitness app that records and visualizes your workout and health statistics and allows you to manage your OPPO smart wearable. 

Other smart ways that it can help you is by showing the following day's temperature so you can plan accordingly and giving you a reminder to stand up once every few hours to help you stretch your muscles and take a break. 

The OPPO Band Style is available in two colors – Black and Vanilla and promises to “Activate Your Health” with various smart monitoring features. 

The wearable takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge, and the battery can last up to 12 days of use. It is compatible with all Android devices and supports Bluetooth 5.0 as well. Besides music control, weather report and alarm, other promising and interactive features include:

  • A 2.97 cm (1.1’) AMOLED touchscreen display with a 100 percent wide color gamut.

  • A 2.5D curved scratch-resistant tempered surface.

  • Metal buckle design that lets the user make 360-degree adjustments to the wristband. 

  • 5 ATM water resistance means it can survive up to 50 meters underwater for 10 minutes. 

  • 40+ dazzling color watch faces to change the band face whenever you like.

  • The device also comes with an additional sporty strap provided with the OPPO Band Style.

The OPPO Band Style will not only speak of your style but will also abundantly motivate you to reach your health and fitness goals. The Band Style is an Amazon exclusive product and is available at a price of Rs. 2999. For the launch week, the device is available at a special price of Rs. 2799. The Band Style is also available with a special bundle offer of just Rs. 2499 when you buy it along with the OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G or OPPO F19 Pro.

For more information on pricing and complete specifications, click here

Grab your OPPO Band Style today as it will encourage you to keep you off the couch and indulge in some physical exercises, as an active lifestyle is important for you to live longer and healthier. 

Disclaimer: This article is written by Practo and sponsored by OPPO India, as part of a collaboration activity for public interest. The content presented on this page is for informational and educational purposes only, and should not be considered as a substitute for medical expertise. Seek professional help regarding any health conditions or concerns. Practo will not be responsible for any act or omission arising from the interpretation of the content present on this page.