Risks for Stroke & Heart attacks are same & so is Prevention for both.

According to recent study published in BMJ, head for sea food and put the bottle of artificial Omega-3 Fatty acid on the shelf.

People who consume fish 2 times in a week had 6% lower risk & people who ate twice a week had 12% less risk. One helping is about 100-150 gms ,either steamed or baked with skin but not fried.

The risk was lesser in people who had a helping of fish 5 times a week.

Intake of Omega-3 fatty acids was not associated with lower risk for stroke.

Flax seeds, fish oil capsules are supposed to give Omega-3 fatty acids & lots of people do take them through recommendations of each other.

Why does eating fish that contains Omega-3 fatty acids and other sea foods reduce the risk of Stroke but taking as a supplement has no effect in Prevention ? 

There are Other Nutrients in Fish in abundance and may be eating fish gives a lot more than just Omega-3 fatty acids.

Should I stop taking Flax Seeds ?

Your guess is as good as mine.