A nodule detected by self examination is cause of concern for the woman and she Must go to the doctor immediately. Remember a nodule need not be cancer,it can be collection of hardened fibers and nodule is called Fibroadenoma.

It is treatable by a medical professional, a surgeon after ruling out cancer by doing few simple tests.

It can last for years or be lifelong in women who are not aware about Cancer.

 It is common in women during reproductive years as reproductive hormones have a role in causing it.

It is more common in women on pills or suffering from PCOD.

On examination, it can be of as little as size of pea or larger. It moves like a mouse,feels like rubber, is well defined, is painless,rarely leads to Cancer but basic investigations are a Must.

Fibroadenoma is very common Benign ( harmless) breast condition...simple fibroadenomas do Not increase the risk of developing breast cancer in future.

How to Rule out Cancer?

99% fibroadenomas are Not cancer but do get checked by doctor, so as to avoid being rare 1%.

Self examination / check up in a preventive Cancer Camp has detected a lump .

Doctor will suggest a Mammography test + Biopsy of the tissue.

Mammography test carries a Radiation risk equivalent to taking about 10 plain X rays of chest, one after another. It is Not practical to monitor the tumor every year.

This test besides being expensive has its own risks and limitations.

Ultrasound test is a better choice and is equally Accurate & correct.

If ultrasound test does reveal a tiny lump, easily moving, not attached to any tissue, go for removal of lump under local anesthesia as an OPD procedure.

The lump can be sent for a biopsy test to clear away any doubts.

Woman is told to come back in case she feels a lump at any other site in future Or routine ultrasounds of breast tissue can be carried out as an annual check up.

There is No Need to Give Chemotherapy/ Radiotherapy.

A course of Antibiotics is all she needs after this Minor 'Surgery' on breast.

Why do fibers collect in breast causing Fibroadenomas or in fibers collect in and around muscles of Uterus causing Fibroids?

 Okay why do people get Cataracts?

There are No Answers yet.