Neutraceutical is term used for eating foods which are beneficial to us like medicines ( Pharmaceutical). 

There is no need to give iron / calcium /B complex tablets to healthy adults. 

Example is Haldi in our kitchen which is beneficial as antioxidant,has anti cancer properties,is antiseptic and promotes healing,helps the heart by making blood thin,leading to smooth flow of blood all over the body including vital organs like brain and heart-prevents a Heart Attack/ Stroke.

Look at this chit and feel healthy for yourself for a Moment -

6 am-lemon water

10 am just 2 amlas

4pm-bowl of salads

10 pm-a glass of milk

This is in addition to bland diet of breakfast, lunch & dinner with less salt ( because the learned doctor said to take less salt & doctor meant was less of added salt !)

Does it Not Look like a Prescription of doctor and a diet chart which reminds the person of being Ill @ 24 hours for 365 days ?

Make Dieting a Habit to last for Life.

Combine Neutaceuticals with Pharmaceuticals.

Some examples are

1) Haldi as mentioned earlier, ( if raw Haldi is not Available, one can buy Snec 30 online)

2) Every seasonal Green Vegetable has enough of Iron & Folic acid. 

Only Deficient women Need Supplements as Tablets

3)Heeng ( Asafoetida) -for bloating , belching,lactation,acid reflux,indigestion.

Heeng  can be applied to pimples as a paste as it reduces inflammation externally also.

4)Bitter guard ( karela) - Diabetes

5)Fenugreek ( saunf) , Mulhatti ( Liquorice)as a munching spice that helps digestion of person watching TV on a couch ( couch potato !)

6) Diet charts have their own use but only for a limited period only and are meant for rigid few who know nothing about foods and calories.

7) Junta can depend upon Neutraceuticals +Pharmaceuticals

a)to remain healthy

b) to delay ageing, 

c)to accept ageing,

d) to improve health, 

e)to prevent disease(s),

f)to support functions and integrity of the body.