So you are expecting? Enjoy the  wild rage of raging hormones, crazy cravings and body changes that are about to begin. As if you did not have enough you are also going to be bombarded with a ton of conflicting and unsolicited advice, much involves what you put in your mouth.


1. MYTH: You should eat for two

FACT: It is true that nutrient needs increase but energy requirement only whereas by 150  calories for 1st trimester per day and 350 calories per day for second trimester and third trimester.

2. MYTH: Eating kesar will give a fair complexion to the child.

FACT: Genes play role in determining complexion of the baby. Eating kesar is not going to determine it.

3. MYTH: High-fat diet will keep the baby healthy.

FACT: No doubt fat is essential for the body but the problem is that sometimes one consumes fat in excess. So keep control over it.

4. MYTH: You should not eat fish.

FACT: There is nothing fishy about fish during pregnancy but yes it should have low levels of mercury like catfish, salmon. oysters, shrimps and crab well cooked can also be a source of proteins for the mom to be.

5. MYTH: I am having supplements so there is no need to change dietary changes.

FACT: During pregnancy the nutrient requirement of certain nutrients especially calcium, iron, folic acid increases. So it calls for dietary modification even if you are swallowing various supplements prescribed by your doctor. Increased intake of milk and milk products, green leafy vegetables, dals, nuts will ensure that your body is not deficient as well as form the basis of strong bones and a healthy weight of fetus.