Rice is one such grain that is popular all over the world and most people eat rice in different forms. Both Brown rice and White rice are consumed in different parts of the world. But when thinking about the health benefit, people have started quitting White rice and have started consuming Brown rice, because of the numerous nutritional benefits. There are some people who are still arguing about brown rice and white rice considering that white rice is better. That is why we are here to tell you about the difference between Brown rice and White rice. Once you will read the difference between brown rice and white rice, you will know which of them is beneficial and which is not.


It is a whole grain, which means it consists of the fibrous bran, nutritious germ, and endosperm also. These days Brown rice is gaining popularity, and somewhere it is because of the high nutrients present in it. 


It is not like Brown rice, as it does not contain the fibrous bran and the nutritious germ. Both of them are stripped off, and only the endosperm is left. Later on, it is being processed and is polished to give it the white color. Now, as the bran and germ are being removed from the White rice, most of the nutrients that are present in the Brown rice are missing in the White rice.  


Let’s know the differences between brown rice and white rice in terms of different factors like nutrients, the presence of vitamins, minerals, and some benefits. 

1. If we compare the brown rice and the white rice in terms of vitamins, then you should know that brown rice has more vitamins present in it, in comparison to the white rice. 

2. If we compare them based on minerals, again the brown rice has more minerals present in it in comparison to the white rice. The minerals present in brown rice are Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Zinc, and Copper. Whereas the minerals present in the white rice are Calcium, Iron, and Sodium only. 

3. Brown Rice is rich in fiber (it contains the fibrous bran also) as compare to White rice.  

4. The shelf life of brown rice is less than the shelf life of white rice.  

5. Brown Rice has more amount of chlorine as compared to white rice. You should know that chlorine present in the brown rice is quite helpful, as it helps in the functioning of the liver, muscle movement, and boosts metabolism also. 

6. Many people do not want to consume brown rice because of the price factor as brown rice is costlier and expensive than white rice. 

7. If you are thinking to have low-calorie rice, we suggest you include brown rice instead of adding white rice. Because brown rice is low in calories in comparison to white rice. That is why for weight loss, it is always suggested that replace your white rice with brown rice.

8. Cooking brown rice takes more time. Whereas cooking white rice takes less time compare to brown rice. 

9. If we compare brown rice and white rice on the basis of the digestive factor, you should know that brown rice takes more time in digestion and is not easy to digest. Whereas white rice is easy to digest in comparison with brown rice. Hence Brown rice might be useful for Diabetics and Overweight people.

So, with all the differences between the Brown rice and White rice you can know, whether the brown rice is more beneficial or white rice is more beneficial. We will recommend you to eat brown rice only by looking at the nutrients in it. We understand that it is costlier but you should know that health is more important. And if you are getting more nutrients from brown rice, then there is no harm in consuming it!

Wishing you the best of health!