Our Blood is Red and we are healthy according to the size,shape and numbers of Red cells & levels of red pigment Haem within Red Blood Cells in our blood. Red color is due to pigment called Haem ,we measure it through the levels of Haemoglobin, abbreviated as Hb,is the iron -containing Oxygen -transport metalloprotein in the red blood cells of all vertebrates.

One of my patients asked me innocently about her blood test. She was asked to get Serum Cholesterol + other tests done on her Serum.

Why should she get tested for serum when doctor had asked to get blood test?

Blood has 3 types of cells and rest is Serum. Every test is done on serum except Complete Blood Picture which shows 3 types of cells, numbers, size,shapes etc.

Three types of cells present in blood are-

1) Red Blood cells which carry Oxygen to every tissue of body.

2) White Blood Cells are the Soldiers in body ,ready to fight in case of any intrusion in the form of infection like typhoid, foreign body or body being angry with itself without a reason e g auto immune diseases like arthritis and lots of skin and lung diseases.

3) Platelets which are responsible for clot formation. Low platelets lead to heavy bleeding like it happens in disease like Viral Dengue Fever.

We are speaking about Red only. Our Red blood cells, if insufficient does make a person suffer from Anemia.

How to maintain levels of Hb to around 12-13 in women & 13- 14 in men ?

We must take in balance lots of-

Proteins like milk, eggs, soy products, nuts, pulses, milk products and may be supplements as Powders..

Green leafy vegetables that suits our constitution. Just a few spoons of grated and raw or well cooked. we do not need a kilo a day -it is difficult to digest.

Never Combine Foods Rich in Calcium with Foods rich in Iron. Both elements Contradict Each other( some exceptions like a healthy Banana shake to get both calcium through milk and Iron through Bananas are rare.)

Vitamin C helps better absorption of iron present in greens. Take lots of Citrus fruits like lemons which are available all through the all seasons, but winter months are best because we have lots to choose from. Amla/ Indian gooseberry is another rich source of Vitamin C ( if difficult to eat raw Amla, make a chutney using mint and coriander leaves and use it as a bread spread.)

Do take medicines to eradicate worms from food pipe by taking oral medicines every 6 months ,otherwise worms will keep getting fatter !

Nothing works minus fresh Oxygen and this includes building red cells of blood also.

Plant more tress in and around the house and breathe free and build blood for free after eating healthy food(s)