Many a times symptoms like heart burn or mild chest discomfort are taken lightly.Any patient who complaints of chest uneasiness, or tightness with or without sweating, burning sensation in the stomach, should go to the nearest clinic or hospital and get an ECG done.If the ECG is abnormal and shows heart attack, he/she should not waste a second and start treatment.

If the patient can reach a well equipped hospital (which does coronary angiogram and angioplasty) within 1 hr of chest pain, an emergency angioplasty called primary angioplasty can be done that can remove the blocks.But if the patient is in a distant place then medicine can be given to dissolve the blood clots responsible for heart attack, stabilise in CCU and then shift to a higher centre.

50% of heart attack patients have normal cholesterol.

Diabetic,elderly patients will not experience any heart pain ,they may have breathing difficulty 

Heart attacks happen due to various factors like smoking, stress, high BP,diabetes,obesity,sedentary lifestyle,family history, high cholesterol, depression. Lifestyle modification is a must for everyone in the form of healthy diet, regular exercise,control of blood sugar, BP, no smoking, avoiding oily and junk foods. Meet your physician at least once after 30yrs of age and get your blood workup done and your heart checked, so that the cardiac events can be prevented.