Flaunt your body

Gynecomastia surgery as a whole has been increasing in popularity. Male breast enlargement traditionally is related to gynecomastia ,which is defined as the benign enlargement of male breast glandular tissue .The ideal male chest is muscular ,flat, with the skin fat envelope tightly adherent to the underlying musculoskeletal anatomy. 

Diagnosis / Patient information

Males presenting with breast enlargement often suffer psychological stress , especially in patients in their teen years. Social interactions may be negatively affected and patients may be hesitant to participate in activities that involve removing their shirt. Males having lost significant amounts of weight often present with sagging breasts and are unhappy with their appearance in clothing.

Patient selection

The  best candidate for gynecomastia treatment are healthy, emotionally stable adolescent and adult males whose condition has been persistent and stable for a significant period of time. The  surgery is not intended as a weight loss method, and surgeons may discourage obese or overweight men who have not first tried dieting and exercise from undergoing the procedure. Candidate whose condition may be related to marijuana or anabolic steroid use should  stop using these substances; in some cases , though not always, discontinuance may cause breast fullness to diminish.

What to expect post surgery?

The length of the  surgery  is usually one and a half to three hours and is done under General Anesthesia or local anesthesia and sedation.The patient is discharged after 24 hours post surgery.Initially there is mild to moderate discomfort and pain medications are prescribed for 2-7 days.One can go back to work in 2-3 days.Scars usually fade away.