Most people look to lose weight but there are a few who are skinny and want to gain some weight to look good. Here we are not talking about looking obese, but to get a good looking personality. 

A lot of people argue that gaining weight is incredibly easy as compared to losing weight, you just have to eat high calorie diet, but this is not completely true. A lot of  skinny  and underweight people try hard to weight gain but still they cannot gain weight ,this is because either their digestive power is hyperactive or underactive so that it cannot digest which results in loose stools. 

So here are some tips to gain healthy weight to look great.

  • So in order to gain weight you have to bear two things in the mind, first improve the liver health so that liver can extract and absorb the nutrients from the food you eat and give it to the body. To keep your liver healthy, eat a lot of fruits, barley water.
  • Take a cup of mix juice of Amla and aloe Vera and drink it daily.
  • Take small frequent meals so that your digestion improves, eat every 2-3 hours in a small amount, this will improve your digestion slowly and you will start to gain weight gradually. To gain weight it is important that you take banana shakes, fruits shakes, cheese in your diet and once again do not full your stomach at a time.
Eat small meals frequently
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Include fruits and vegetables into your diet.
  • Another important thing is to increase the absorption capacity of the body. You might think I am already active enough and I don’t need to do anything extra and this can result in weight loss, but it is not true. In order to gain weight you should look to increase the muscle weight, activities like weight training increases the muscle weight.
  • Take adequate amount of protein in your diet, to increase muscle weight, take sprouts, nuts and oil seeds which gives a nice combination of protein and healthy fats.
  • Do not eat fried food as it can decrease your digestive power.
  • Take milk and date palm which is helpful in gaining weight.
  • Take adequate sleep to promote weight gain.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol.