Skin is the reflection of your furry pooch’s inner health.It’s the largest organ of their bodies and one of the first things we notice about any pet. What might seem like a magic potion that makes your long tresses silky and shiny, needn’t always result in a glossy fur coat for your mutt. Human soaps and shampoos may in fact result in precisely the opposite. 

Acidic balance : One of the main reasons being that dog’s skin tend to be more alkaline than human skin (ph of human skin is around 5.5 while dog skin tends to be above 6.5). Hence, shampoos formulated for humans tends to be more acidic and affects the protective mantle and hydration of a dog’s coat.

Strong scented : While a strong jasmine scent emitting from your locks may be refreshing post-shower ,  the same scent will prove to be irritating to your pooch. 

Sensitive skin : Dog’s skin is thick overall , but the protective epidermis layer is much thinner compared to human skin.

Allergy : Various molecules in human shampoos can lead to flare up of canine atopic dermatitis.

Human hair dyes too should never be on dogs for many of the same reasons alongside a propensity to cause toxicity when ingested. Prefer to use a mild shampoo formulated specially for dogs .Medicated shampoos should be reserved for use on a vet’s advice only.