“If looks could kill…” goes the saying. Looks are considered, an important part of a person’s personality. A person initially attracts others towards himself/herself by his/her looks.

So maintaining ourselves, our looks are very important. One may be of the indisputable opinion that the inner beauty is more important but looks also complement that beauty to an extent.

It always seems that the men are the ones who care about the way a woman looks, but the reality seems to be otherwise.

Women tend to be more obsessed with the way they appear, as compared to men.

Say, an ugly guy who admires the beauty of a woman that he finds attractive, will never lie to himself thinking that he’s “eligible” enough to win her, while an unattractive woman will admire a good looking guy’s facial structure, physique etc. and will do whatsoever irrationally to get him.

Even an incredibly good looking, guy might never want to be with an ugly girl, but would still find the girl-next-door types beautiful without actually knowing them personally.

Again, we come back to the point that the inner beauty is more important than the outer. Of course, inner beauty is undeniable.

People’s true beauty lies in their character, their values and overall in their individuality.

It is not necessary that a person’s looks and character match, since they can be deceptive.

For example, a person who looks suspicious or like a threat may actually turn out to be quite contrasting in nature. However, sometimes the outer appearance can reflect inner beauty, too.

For instance, a person may lie or pretend through his speech and behavior but not through his eyes. That is why it is said that, one should make an eye contact with the other person while talking.

We also, tend to trust people blindly who look innocent and trustworthy and when the tables are turned we realize our folly.

It is not that all people who seem to be innocent are not to be trusted, or even the case of trusting anyone; but we need to observe and analyze the person and also our instincts before placing our trust on someone, however convincing, innocent, and trustworthy they appear.

Therefore, it would be wrong to judge a person only on his/her outer appearance.

What matters more in the end are the person’s beliefs, character and his overall individuality!