After giving birth to my beautiful boy, I hit an all-time high at 80 Kgs and was very unhappy, so I decided to try to lose weight one more time. It was now or never and I picked a start date. I spent lot of time thinking about my upcoming change. When the date came, I felt ready and had a sense of clarity like never before. Even though I was very active during high school but paid no attention to nutrition and didn’t follow an organized exercise regimen.

When I moved to Delhi, I didn’t know anyone. A friend of mine told me about this site called I quickly joined their weight loss program and I must say, it was a life changing decision for me. allocated me a personal dietitian; he took interest in my goals after seeing my dedication to lose weight. He introduced me to weightlifting and said I had to lift to sculpt or I would have loose skin. My dietitian Manish wouldn’t give up on me and would go nuts if I made excuses, which renewed my way of thinking.

He gave me a weight-loss program that was easy and flexible and the weight started to come off. I lost about one and a half pounds every week and it stayed off. It was slow but steady and I felt amazing. I started to see the person I knew was inside, now started appearing on the outside. I felt in total control and nothing could stop me.

All of this could not have been possible without the help of It is really a wonderful site for people trying to lose weight.