I am soon going to welcome this outside world  and change my status from being Secure, Well fed and Guarded from Infections in the air. 

My new status will read like this- Vulnerable to Cold air ( No AC , as I am surrounded at stable 98.3 ), all kinds of infections,overfeeding or underfeeding,low levels of oxygen in my blood and weal liver prone to Jaundice which will disappear on 10th day after my birth.

Do I Not sound like an Intellectual ? 

Why Not ? My mother is a doctor posted in a Labor Room &

I have been alert at Every Antenatal Visit of my Mother.

Some women have been advised bed rest for reasons known to doctors but my mother is still doing well, her BP & blood sugar levels are under control, has no swellings on her body, is active and happily coming to  shift duty of 8 hours daily from 9 am-5 pm

Yesterday as soon as she entered the labor room to do her duty, other women thought that she was just another woman waiting to get admitted in labor room. She got her White Coat ,got ready to work,attended others posing as if she had not heard the comments of women about hospitals being too full to admit another woman !

As she is Not Advised Bed Rest by her doctors, she will Continue to be on Duty till the last day because she was telling other women to be relaxed ,not to think too much about labor pains, not to get affected by women who tend to Scare other women about process of Delivering Normally and to have an easier Option-Operation.

During last month certain exercises like Squatting , Relaxation ,Yoga, Meditation,Reading/writing & Being bonded with others helps.

Yes ,as shown in this picture ,certain problems are Inevitable but Problems do bring along simple solutions .

This is a Simple Message From New Me to Everyone reading this piece. 

I am Not in the Race with others to come out First.

 For Sure my turn in the long queue will be decided by God who will guide doctors to get help from New technology