Deciduous teeth (first set of teeth) are now more commonly known as primary teeth. 

They are also known as baby teeth, temporary teeth and milk teeth

They are the first set of teeth in the growth development of humans. 

They are usually lost and replaced by permanent teeth, but in the absence of permanent replacements, they can remain functional for many years. 

They are extremely important in your child’s physical, emotional and health future

These teeth begin to form/develop during the second trimester of a mother’s pregnancy; then start erupting into the baby’s mouth around 4 to 6 months after birth.

Importance of baby teeth:

  1. Help children in chewing food easily and properly and hence promote good nutrition
  2. Assist in speech development therefore helps children speak properly
  3. Hold space in the jaws for permanent teeth that are growing under the gums
  4. Build self-esteem by providing a beautiful smile
  5. Helps in permitting normal development of the jaw bones and muscles 
  6. Enable the child to pay attention and learn in school without the distraction of dental pain

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