Dr. Dasgupta, General Practitioner, consulted me in 1989 with symptoms of malignancy in the brain. His married life was not ok; his medical practice was also lacking stability. He was unhappy, anxious and ill. I adviced investigations under the guidance of an Oncologist. He refused to do it; he insisted upon my intervention with the help of Radionics. My RDA confirmed malignancy. His response to Remote Healing was quick. Normaly, most patients need one healing per day; he needed two healings every day. He was improving nicely; pain, irritation,vertigo,forgetfulness was getting less and less. His mental and physical conditions also improved. Professionally he was in a better condition; his relationship with his wife had also improved. ..... By this process 24 years had passed; he is now 95% better. Now, he needs one healing alternate days. He is now 100% functional; thankful to me, thankful to the God. CASE STUDY-20.