Well, okay, so if you’ve been a regular reader of our series, then you probably already know what’s coming up (water, minimalism, sleep, workouts blah blah). Fine, it’s all old news but a little reaffirmation didn’t hurt anyone now, did it? So here you have it…7 simple strategies to walk out of this month looking as good as you did when you walked in:

  1. Drink up, seriously. No, not alcohol silly but water. All that excess salt isn’t going to clear itself
  2. You think you’re such a smarty pants eating only a salad and a dessert and skipping everything in between. You think you’re being healthy here? Really? We suggest you skip both and have some good ol’ daal rice or sabzi naan. To steal a popular tagline from a commercial, that’s your actual ‘Taste bhi, health bhi!’
  3. This month is essentially a lot of night outs. You know that already so just go easy on scheduling brunches and lunches. Your body deserves at least one home-cooked, nutrient rich meal
  4. Don’t grab a plate. I repeat, DO NOT grab a plate until you have walked through and thoroughly scanned the buffet. 2-3 scanning rounds are recommended. Think of it as though you’re having an audition for all the food.
    Round 1: you have shortlisted to 7 items you like
    Round 2: you’ve narrowed it down to 4 or maybe 5 items
    Final round: you select a winner (2-3 items) and schedule the other food items for future events!
  5. Of course don’t try to chalk in workouts if you have a headache from being extra hungover or if you are feeling very fatigued. However, a light 30-minute session would be a worthy time investment—it will effectively remove all the toxins from your body and have you feeling lighter and nicer
  6. Overdid it at the chaat counter?—it’s fine. Desserts looked way yum and your self-restraint went out the window? No problem. Learn to forgive yourself. That guilt isn’t helping anyone and you know that already
  7. Finally, find a way to get your sleep despite the late nights and certainly easier said than done, but as much as possible, don’t let the night outs, socializing and traffic woes get to you. Anger, frustration and stress isn’t hurting anyone else really

If you’re the one getting married, congratulations! You can see some custom-made guidelines for you  here: