Your sleeping posture is very important for the health of the spine as you spend almost 8-10 hrs in sleep. Most of us have a bad posture while sleeping. Few Tips:Don't sleep full prone i.e. On your stomach. Don't sleep with your neck & back crouched. Don't take a fat pillow if you sleep on your back in supine position. Best is not to take a pillow at all in this posture.  Sleeping on the side is the best posture but keep a pillow as per the width of your shoulder. You can keep a pillow between your legs, specially so if you suffer from backache. Don't press your arm under your body. While sleeping supine (on your back) you can keep a round pillow under your knees, specially so if you have low back ache. Don't get up straight. It stresses your discs. Turn one side & slowly get up. And last but not the least, don't fall off to sleep like e dead log. Plan your sleep in correct posture. Very shortly it will turn into a habit. By Dr (Col) AK Mehta