Fatty liver is a very common problem. Most commonly it is found out during routine sonography of abdomen. Most people don't know what to do with the report. If you have fatty liver on sonography check your SGPT levels. You may be able to diagnose and treat a liver disease by doing this simple test. Contact a Gastroenterologist if your SGPT is high.

Most common causes of fatty liver include alcohol consumption, drugs, obesity, diabetes and altered lipid profile. Out of 100 patients who have fatty liver only a small percentage will develop serious liver damage and liver cirrhosis. But if you look at our population this problem is still huge. It is estimated that 15-35% of Indian population may have fatty liver on sonography. With rising diabetes this problem is going to be worse and may achieve a magnitude of epidemic.

The key to prevent and treat fatty liver and related diseases is healthy lifestyle and exercise. At least 45 minutes of exercise everyday like brisk walking, swimming, cycling etc. Weight loss is considered one of the most effective treatment for this disease. It is all about calorie balance. If you have more calories than you burn you are going to accumulate it. Any excess calorie will be converted to fat be it sugars or fat as intake. 

The fat that accumulates inside the liver during metabolism produces some toxic substances that will lead to liver damage. This liver damage is so slow that it may take years to damage the liver. At the same time most patients fail to recognize that due to absence of symptoms during this phase of inflammation.

Best way is get checked your SGPT regularly if you have fatty liver on sonography.