I am not a trichologist; I am a Homoeopath. But I am not writing this as a Homoeopath either. Here I am writing as a lay person who is extremely conscious about her hair. Yes ! I am! Hair is one of the most important assets of a female; isn’t it?

We are constantly in search of some beauty formula which will make our hair all shiny, silky, healthy, thick and the list is endless! So, to meet our demands and of course to make money, ‘n’ number of beauty products are available in the market. We are surrounded by them and through advertisements, it is continuously bombarded on our minds that these external products are going to make us healthy.

 What we are ignoring here is the most important advice given by the best guide living in our own body; our hair. As I told before; I am not an expert of hair but one thing I can surely tell from my own experience is that our hair needs a very simple thing and if you will provide it, they will be as beautiful as you want them to be and that thing is ‘combing’

 Yes! It is a very very simple thing and maybe that is why we ignore it. Combing is like talking with hair. You communicate with them. They feel good and it will be reflected in them.The scientific reasons behind this can be told by the experts but I can tell you that if you regularly comb your hair for 10-15 minutes a day, you will feel the difference in a week. It is just another way of communicating with your body. 

 Do it and see for yourself! 

 Friends, we all have a capacity to heal ourselves. Try it!

 Have a happy healing!