Mind Matters

Mind is a beautiful place to store memories. “The mind is everything. What you think you become” – Buddha. Word rules the thought; thought rules the mind. Mind doesn’t understand the meaning of words. It doesn’t know the difference between good and bad. Mind is an obedient servant. Mind has an enormous power to manifest what is given to it. Be it good or bad. Such is the miracle of mind.

Young Mind

This generation youngsters feel mind is the place to keep anything and everything. They refer to google, gather information, associate with dreams, connect with virtual world and live in a dessert, which means disconnected from real world. They believe in the virtual world. They are pretty much happier in playing pubg, blue whale, kThey are busy interacting in whatsapp, tindler, snap chat, we chat, imo, viber and gchat. Virtual smileys, hugs, kisses, characters rule their mind and heart. Real world and people doesn’t exist or excite them.

Virtual Connect

When they are busy building their virtual world, mind starts acting as a master. It listens to the virtual instructions and controls our senses. It does understand the machine language only. Human becomes alien for them. Mind doesn’t allow taking human instructions as it’s been used to listen to machine language only. To understand the intensity of such situations, have asked few youngsters to stay away from virtual or mobile world for a day. They felt so uncomfortable to listen to such words.They said, can’t imagine a day or few hours without connecting with the virtual world. That’s the worst night mare we can have it in our life. Such is the current position of our youngsters. 

They are unable to think for themselves or for their families. Such a powerful mind has become dust bin. It doesn’t know to filter the information, hardly known the in-depth meaning of anything and failed to understand the reality. It’s high time to think to connect with the real world and live happily.

Are you a Diamond or Stone?

A precious diamond is perceived as stone. Either it’s a diamond or stone. Its how our mind perceives and manifests in the universe. Choose to be a diamond or stone. Mind has the power to bring it to you and make it happen in the real time.