Families are spending little over half an hour time together during the week because of the demands of modern life. a new survey says that parents and children have less than eight hours together in total each week. Weekends are best with an average of two hours and twenty minutes on both Saturdays and Sundays given over to family time. Even on weekends this family time gets squeezed even furthermore, as both parents are working so they get only a day perform all the important home chores. Many have admitted that their family time is only when they are out on vacation. Reasons for not getting enough quality family time.

1.     Myself or my partner work long hours.

2.     We spend our evenings/weekend keeping up with household chores.

3.     The children are at school when I am not working.

4.     The children are often watching T.V.

5.     Myself or my partner work antisocial hours.

6.     The children are often playing computer games.

7.     The children are at an age where they don’t really want to spend time with us.

8.     The children are often out with friends.

9.     The children spend their evenings studying.

10. We spend a lot of time at various sports/after school clubs separately. 

Family is an integral part of every human. Every man is incomplete without family. Some of the reasons why family is important are as follows:

  • Support and Security
  • Love and understanding.
  • Protects from external influences.
  • Gives you stability, a center
  • Helps in many aspects of life.
  • Decisions making gets easier
  • They make you who yo truly are. Helps in getting the best of you. 

Here are few ways by which you can spend time together.

·        Have dinner together.

·        If anything is broken or any decision is pending have it fixed with family.

·        Go out for walks

·        Have a common area to connect. Be it be reading, activities or listening to music.

·        Plan monthly excursions.

·        Share family stories.

·        Celebrate festivals together.·         

Most important is appreciate each other. Be the confidence on which you can climb. Everyday small activities make the bonds stronger.