Sisters of lemon are Oranges, Mausami,Keenu,Small Sweet Oranges from Spain called Satsumas etc.

Lemon is easy to grow at home in a pot.

Lemon & Stress ? Since lemon juice takes care of Prevention of Diseases, one feels No need to visit a doctor !

1) Fresh Lemon Juice with a spoon of Honey taken with warm water as First food of the day works like a Potent Agent to Burn Fat and makes us conscious of our diet all through the day.

2)It helps to ward off Dryness if taken along with honey. Lemon alone is Drying but added to honey it works as a best Natural Moisturizer for entire body including our Lungs and Skin.

3) It does not Trigger Asthma attack as people presume but lemon helps asthmatics by making lungs strong through Natural Powers of Vitamin C.

4)The skin of Lemon has more nutrients. Some people Freeze lemons and grate them to use as garnish.

5) Dry the peel , Grind and make a Paste.Apply on forehead. Paste Helps Cure Attack of Migraine.

6) This paste if applied on face does work like a Bleach , makes the color conscious person Fair and lovely Minus Chemicals.

7) Lots of unexplained Skin conditions get cured by applying lemon juice provided the wounds are Not raw.

8) Juice can be applied to Scalp. It works like anti bacterial and anti fungal agent- 2 causes of dandruff and hair fall.

9)Mix juice of lemon with Black pepper. This helps to bring down Fever with lessor doses of Medicines.

10)Mix Lemon Juice with Carrot Juice. It is best treatment for Anemia.

11)Lemon Juice is natural Diuretic which does not need Potassium Supplements as Lemon is a Source of Potassium.

12) Lemon juice removes extra Sodium Salt From the body ,Sodium Chloride is our Salt in the Kitchen. Sodium is responsible for Swellings on body, High BP, Pre Menstrual Tensions and swellings seen in Pregnant Women which are considered to be Normal in a Filmy way but can Lead to Lots of complications during Pregnancy and labor.

13)Lemon juice helps to ward off Bloating in stomach which is due to age related causes/ wrong eating habits.

14)Lemon juice can be added to a home made face mask of oats,besan,drops of mustard oil + some malai/ cream/curd.

15) It is generally believed that Lemon Juice leads to aggravation of Joint Pains. There is No Truth to this age old Belief.

Lemon juice helps Joints by reducing the swellings all over the body by washing way Impurities.

Sisters of Lemon - Oranges etc are rich source of Dietary fiber which works like a Jharoo/ Broom which cleanses the Entire food pipe, absorbs extra acids and bile collected.

Winters are best time to get this Natural Nectar.

There is No Upper limit , even for a Diabetic person, calories are few compared to benefits. 

Eat as much as you can all through the year.