Kidney cancer is a stubborn disease. If detected in the early stages it’s relatively easy to cure and the survival rates after 5 years is also high. It’s important to raise awareness about this disease as it’s different from other types of cancers.

Treating Kidney Cancer

Chemotherapy does not work with Kidney cancer.  It usually requires surgery to remove the tumour in the kidney.  Before 2005 there was only one FDA approved drug that was specifically design to target cancer cells in the Kidney. The drug was known as Interleukin-2. In subsequent years more such drugs has been developed so the prospects of kidney cancer patients have improved. Many of the newly developed therapies to fight kidney cancer focus on stopping the formation of new blood vessels that feed the tumour.  This therapy has proven effective in keeping the tumour from spreading and becoming more life threatening.

Many experts predict that we will see a breakthrough in immunotherapy methods that fight kidney cancer in the near future.  There are many preventive measures you can take in order to limit your risk of getting kidney cancer.

How to Decrease your Risks

  • Quit smoking - Various research studies have shown that smokers have higher chances of getting kidney cancer. If you are a smoker it’s never too late to stop this habit.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight– A healthy weight will turn out to be a lifesaver. If you suffer from obesity your chances of getting kidney cancer are higher than the average person.  Be conscious of calories consumed and adhere to a strict exercise regimen.
  • Control high blood pressure– At your next doctor’s appointment get your blood pressure checked. Making changes in your lifestyle and your diet will help you reduce your blood pressure if it’s above average.
  • Watch toxic overload– The food you eat and drink can build toxicity in the kidney. There is a link to extreme high protein diets and stress on the kidneys.
  • Detox – Detoxing your kidneys once in a while and just maintaining a healthy fluid intake is important. A kidney flush is very helpful. CARER Program’s Integrative Nutritionist tells you how to do a kidney cleanse. Visit this link to watch the video 

So keep these measures in mind and live a healthy cancer free life.