Here are 5 reasons why Lassi is our own secretly awesome Health Drink!

  1. It fights body heat
    Buttermilk or ‘chaas’ is an outstanding coolant which reduces the heat of the body, especially during the very high temperature in summer. It is rich in electrolytes and packed with a lot of water and thus is very efficient in fighting dehydration. It contains a high quantity of lactic acid which boosts the immune system and prepares it to combat diseases of various kinds. Drinking buttermilk on a regular basis can help to keep the body heat in check and provide relief to the body.
  2. It improves digestion
    Buttermilk or ‘chaas’ is a probiotic of nature and contains ‘gut friendly’ bacteria which aid in the digestive process. The jeera, pepper and ginger in buttermilk are all magnificent digestive agents. They are well known for their properties of carmation and when combined together in buttermilk, they make one of the most effective natural digestives. Drinking ‘chaas’  gives instant relief from a bout of digestive problems.
  3. It is best for acidity
    ‘Chaas’ or buttermilk is prepared with watered-down curd and is perfect for soothing the stomach. As it is consumed, the buttermilk washes down the spices in the food and calms an inflamed stomach lining. It helps the stomach to get rid of acids that cause indigestion and heartburn. The curry leaves, pepper and jeera present in buttermilk relieve the stomach of any irritation suffered after consumption of spicy food.
  4. It strengthens the body’s immune system 
    The excellent lactic acid and vitamin D present in ‘chaas’ or buttermilk helps to fight bacteria and harmful pathogens which enter the body through different external agents. The vitamin B12 present in buttermilk aids in synthesizing the amino and fatty acids and fights stress and anemia. It also converts glucose into energy and promotes the growth of the nerve cells. The probiotic  properties of buttermilk makes the body’s immune system strong and helps it to fight against infections, common colds, and other ailments.
  5. It helps in the weight loss process
    Buttermilk is a popular drink among calorie-conscious people. It is often included as a part of weight-loss diets because it contains all the nutrients that are vital for our body, whereas it has low amounts of calories and does not hold fats. It washes down the fat which usually covers the inside walls of the stomach and food pipe and makes a person feel lighter in an instant.