If you're bored of your regular breakfast ideas and are out of ways to experiment with ingredients, here are 6 new recipes you should try-

Scrumptious sausage scramble

Saute some sausages in a pan along with bell peppers, potatoes, salt, and pepper. Poach an egg and add it to the top of the sausage mix. A true treat for non-veg enthusiasts.

Chocolate waffles

Let your kids indulge in the occasional kiddie treat. Make a healthy waffle from whole wheat flour, skimmed milk, egg yolks, and a few chocolate chunks. Once done, serve with some honey or maple syrup.

Delicious egg salad

Toss an assortment of salad greens with tomatoes, salt, and pepper. Keep aside. Heat the butter, break eggs, and mix till the eggs begin to solidify to a soft, moist texture. Serve hot with the salad and whole wheat toast for a wholesome breakfast treat.

Yummy fish pockets

Boil fish of your choice in salt water, deboned and shredded. Toss it with salsa sauce. In another bowl, mix sour cream with lettuce, corn, and tomato. Fill whole wheat pita bread pockets with the fish and veggie mixture and munch away with gusto!

Omelette with a twist

Whip up a healthy and tasty omelette for your family by tossing in mushrooms, olives, ham, potatoes, or even bell peppers. Flavor it with fresh rosemary or basil and sprinkle some mozzarella cheese for added taste.

Healthy apple crisp

Stew a medium-sized apple in a microwave with two teaspoons of apricot jam. Keep stirring every 30 seconds. Remove and top it with a handful of cornflakes and a generous tablespoon of curd.

Preparing an appetizing and nutritious breakfast doesn't take much. These yummy breakfast ideas will keep you feeling upbeat and your body nourished. Start your day feeling on top of the world!