Having shed some light on one of the most important organs of our body, we are here with another article on the health of your kidneys! But first, here’s an amazing fact about your kidneys! It technically filters about 180L of blood a day to give out 1.8 L pf filtrate i.e. waste to be excreted out as urine. Can you imagine how tedious that might be for an organ as small as your fist? And then, the fact that we take care of it even lesser than what it deserves produces more complications in its health. So here we are, discussing one of the most reported kidney problems, i.e. renal stone. Let’s get started.

Why Does Kidney Stones Form?

Renal stones, or as commonly referred to as kidney stones is crystal accumulations of salts like calcium phosphate, oxalates and potassium salts amongst others. While filtering the internal waste of our body, our kidney may retain some part of the filtrate which, if done in excessive amounts or toxic in nature can have trouble being excreted out. As a consequence, these salts start accumulating in your renal medulla, ultimately resulting in renal stones. These stones can be painful and may affect the tissues of your kidney if not excreted out in time. 

Prevention is Better Than Cure: Tips From Ayurveda

While most allopathic doctors term it unpredictable, studies have shown that renal stones are reported widely amongst the population with consumption of non-organic diet as it tends to have more toxins than regular. Since a majority of the population doesn’t have access to fresh farm supplies, it’s important that we take supplements for the wellness of our kidneys. 

Is There A Way Out? What Does Ayurveda Say? 

Ayurveda, however, is always there to help you with your health despite the grave concern of your kidney disorder. Our ancient scriptures have proved to be the Holy Grail against life-threatening diseases for centuries. And it's from that treasury of knowledge, has Dr. Vaidya's prepared the Punarnava, an herbal pill based on herbs like Punarnava Ghan and Darulhaldar Ghan which breaks the kidney stone in small pieces that can be passed in urine for an easy removal naturally. This pill also prevents the retention of the excess of natural fluids and helps the body maintain its fluidic balance while dealing with the toxic waste accumulated in the body when taken as recommended by your Ayurvedic Physician.