1. A fish based diet provides Omega 3 fatty acids and choline, which is the chemical basis for neuro transmitter that speeds electrical pulses between neurons. It is also critical for the development of new brain cells. Having fish 3 times a week can cut your Alzheimer’s risk nearly by half.

2. The brain’s primary fuel is glucose. Like our muscles, our brain also becomes fatigued when glucose levels drop. Avoid refined foods as they convert into simple sugars rapidly that are burned quickly, resulting in mood swings .Instead eat complex carbohydrates like oats, whole wheat grains, whole pulses,fresh fruits and vegetables which provide a steady supply of fuel.

3. Like every other organ your brain needs water to perform its best. But don’t think that a particular, specially designed drink can increase your brain performance.

4. For an active brain, focus on relaxation as much as exercise: Go for meditation,quiet walk, gets yourself enrolled in hobby classes or simply listening to your favorite music will help the brain de- stress.

5. Brain games like sudoko, scrabble or morning crossword is actually more than just a time pass. In the long run, these type of activities help stave off dementia and other old age related problems