The vigor of living is the art of pertaining a healthy habit then a wealthy health.
Keep yourself having some time to make life a joy

In a consumerism of 24 x 7 the life style putting a big challenge to stay fit and to move ahead of race with age and fitness.

Hormone are natural peptide within body to maintain cells and vital organs which is reducing and putting a lot of disorder today with endocrine dissemblance like Diabetics , rheumatoid heart disorder, joint pains , obese , hyperthyroidism, little mouth opening and burning, very bad breath and bleeding gums and many more.We are workaholic as well shopaholic now a days due requisite social need and aspire to grow rich.

Its taking its toll on our systemic balance as well diet pattern which is throwing serious challenge to maintain health as well to stay disease free for a longer duration in relation to aging process.Aspiration making mind aggresive hence the output on our secretion 's of body, balance of flow within self physic is the need of hour.

Making  a smaller excerpt to stay fit , so that hormonal disorder will be at bay-

1] Diet the Diet ,Never Neglect- We munch a lot of junkies like a buffalo without thinking much as its easy n handy to go with them ,and most important at any time. Mexican taco, Burger n chips are yummy on lips but Gloomy on hips.Even we go breakfast with any tom harry noodles, Fries and flakes which are real health rakes and used to jeopardize all health indicators like Cholesterol,albumin and urea and creatinine. We hardly take cereals, lentils  even in a week, chapati and poha gone out n out from the dine tables in any home.We are responsible  to not make our kids to go with nuts, fruits and different daily local fruit avail like guava.hence take lesson is to go with breakfast heavy and a natural food must in home with lot of fibers.Paramount importance is making breakfast all the family together so that we enjoy our food rather than making a WALK THE FOOD in a neo-generation lifestyle desire.

At least once in weekend make ,cook food in home of lots of vegetable and enjoy the fun and frolic with family on cooking and serving the natural delights.It will slowly make you and your kids get acquainted with all our inherent herbs to use and to cook traditional foodies as well will make u stay healthy on assimilation of bile and saliva and hormones will have a gusts on body.

2]Social Media n Cell MANIA---What once television 25 years before so do cell n App today to all of us.

Its essential to get communicated with each other and getting informed  of the trend is a genuine need but hooked to the gadget and always in a fall fellatio can lead to make serious loss of emotion to make  one act like a robot.

Who can deny  that cell is the best friend to a larger population now a days instead of any family member even.

Narration and story telling will  make debate like a chew-gum of the advantage and disadvantage of the cell phone. 

The status update in a social media is taking life of youngsters, its telling of what a deterioration of values and morality

Hypocrisy and pseudo identity is determining ones populism and  power chatter in any social corridor nowadays

Even activation and chatting is in in bedroom in night.Hence tremendous stress and booming desire for lust and greed is dispelling morality in a very large scale.Its final yield is making people impotence, errant sexual disorder and much important is lost morality and leading life in a false maniac , all they group to make hormones to be in a large imbalance and making ailments of health more complicated.

Use them like feel them, shut them and forget them..............keep space for your own life, let the gadget and social media take a second seat   and be withing the cell or laptop not on your mind,  it will  make u healthy, wealthy n a champion of your own.

3] Workaholic---Academy driven education is making a galore of success in segregating material in volume and this is the motto of life in the generation -y

The new breed and the adult all are in a materialistic goal , To quench the thirst of object had made every educated individual as a robotic human , a real dogma in an anthropology and sociology  study.

Workaholic pattern is no more a bound in to any particular sector its a unwritten scripture of day to day life to achieve target, to fulfill goal, to complete project and to be ahead in the mad race of jingoism.

The negligence  on taking food in time and to make physical activity of routine, to keep a 8 hour working toll , all are gone with wind. Its a never ending saga to beat each other in the competition to be ahead from the peer.Lets promise self to have work at office or workplace and be a hubby to wife, be a papa/mama to your own kid and last but not the least be a King in our own home, not the boss dictum to carry our own life.

4] AM I FAMILY-- Do you remember when u last done a painting or  a lyric of a prayer  for your kindergarten  baby?

Do u ever even bothered to have a visit in a year even to your own granny to ancestral home? Do u have last daveli,pakhala[Water rice fried with curd],machhi podda , motichur ladoo or a litti chokha or a dalbati churma or a pudina lassi at your village?

No, life had made us drive to Dubai, Singapore not because  its more attractive to have a Jacuzzi there but its an insignia to make social standard of ours in our own designed parameter to show off who we are.

Even holidaying is decided by our boss and our own desire to be in foreign  turf to prove that we are happy n nappy in our all desire accomplishment. Life is driven by consumerism to such an extent that to prove ones own love to the most loving human in life, mummy u need to upload a pic with your mom on mothers day.Please vent space for self and be a family, It will not make you sane rather you will be free from all bondage and a freak independent on natures bounty.

Then your rejuvenation and strength from within will make all the hormones including adrenaline to make a New vigor and a  blossoming horizon . U don't need to control diet or to be on jogger slip all will be  a independence so do health, oral health, cardiac and voila u are your own.

5] Apps not for Tabs but for Self Raps.---

This is the Aaps not to be downloaded, its need to be uploaded.Here gonna not talking of mobile , Microsoft or android application , here  sincere request to all the viewers to have a rhythmic exercise pattern to Jet, Set n Go the life. Hormones are regulators to make on live life healthy not lathery till geriatric aging dooms over you. Hence respecting body and physic is like a long term Systemic Investment plan, oh yes its like a equity, u play perfect n reap blooming.Else u loose n face the consequence. Keep a morning raga of Yoga not much at least half an hour after routine preparation.Yoga is a blend of physical gyration and activation of vital organs and blood stream as well a oxygenation to the mind and rejuvenate one to gallop like a shining horse.Its scientifically proved to be a exotica non material required biologic advancement for maintenance of all biologic need as well cell regeneration. Lets Jet with the flier. After set  breakfast definite at home with all natural ingredient avail of in the vicinity and  be bulk.It will make your vital organs clocks to make perfect ticks continuous.Lets be healthy on working environment to be tasking self of SAME DAY WORK ON SAME DAY, NO HOME TASK.And keep yourself free for all your routine need and spend time with family and friends to stay up fit.

Another  important task we often neglect is to do routine health, cardiac , dental and hormonal check ups at least once in a year. Putting small incremental amount in health insurance and doing routine health parameter will safeguard you from further stress and will make you stay away from any hormonal imbalance.

Life is full of zest, Enjoy the voyage of life with all its spice instead of yelling over others it will keep you everyday a sunshine so do on your parameters of hormones.Allow the rhythm divine to make the flow natural on our bodyparameters so that Ecstasy happen time n again despite the hiccups we face on voyage of life, then all is well  .Rejoice the FRAGRANCE of Life.