On 11th Jan, Mr. Karthik was watching news & feels bad that JALLIKATTU will not happen this year too.After few days he saw one of the actor emotional speech on JALLIKATTU and importance of protest. He felt little bit awakened. After pongal , he felt he must be a responsible as Tamilan and feel to be the part of JALLIKATTU protest in marina. (After hearing it from whatsapp and other posts) He felt proud to be the part of youth, students and others genders of community.

He joined the protest and on 1st three 3 days, they continued will with beautiful slogans and messages. after which he was will little bit worried about slogans is getting into different track. He also find that some of the "whatsapp" info about JALLIKATTU was not true/fake.

As we all know what had happened yesterday (23.1.17). He MAY be in post traumatic stress features about events which is happened yesterday.He was wounded, very sad, worried, sleep disturbance,poor concentration, detachment, emotional numbness, irritability, sudden flashback, diminished interest in usual activities, nightmare's, eating difficulties, insecurity about when he will back to routine work. Probably most youngster's / students/ women/ even few kids may experience the above complaints which is quite common for few days but it must get relieved before 2 weeks from today.

What can we do:

  1. Accept what has happened to us.
  2. Talk to your friends and relatives what has happened to you visually or detail your events to them.
  3. Attenders & parents  can give emotional support by spending time with them.
  4. Go back to your usual routine like School, college or work (if you are not wound / get treated for that)
  5. Don't be ideal and get prey to negative influence of whatsapp messages. (Mr. Sagayam statement/nee aambala yaa iruntha share pannu/American president statement on our prime Minister are completely fake).
  6. Start to take nutritional food and do your favorite exercise mindfully.
  7. Don't try destructive coping method like excessive use of alcohol/ smoking/drug or even self harm.
  8. Consult a Psychologist/counselor for betterment or even psychiatric intervention if required.

Slowly you will sure get in to an normal phase of life.