Everybody is trying to lose some weight, and young women have started a battle against obesity because they want to look good and because of it sometimes they turns to heavy dieting which proves harmful for them. 

There is no need to diet in order to lose weight, in this article you will come to know about some food that that helps in weight loss.wee there is no such food that burn the fat, in order to lose weight we need to decrease the calorie intake and burn more calories  and increased  consumption of fats by exercising. 

Weight loss depends on the food we eat, how much it gets digested, accumulated and absorbed. So the main thing is we should eat food low in the calories and low in fat, but high in protein content. So here is some of the food that is exactly more suitable for weight loss due to the above properties.

Green Beans

You can reduce the weight by eating more green beans, due to high fiber and vitamins it helps children and pregnant ladies. Do not include potatoes along with your beans.

green beans


Oat is rich in inositol, folic acid which lowers the cholesterol level and it also helps in reducing weight. Oat meal has fibers in abundance; the soluble fiber found in it keeps the digestive system healthy. In Stomach problems like acidity, burning sensation and digestion oats are very effective.



Chickpeas are full of protein, iron, calcium, vitamins, carbohydrate and are known best to lose weight. It also helps in constipation, gastric problems and intestinal worms.

chick peas salad


Known for its easily digestible property it is also helpful in the weight loss.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables are helpful in weight loss; green vegetables have calcium, iron, magnesium, minerals, zinc, vitamin B and C. Instead of fast food snacks eat fresh vegetable salads as they are low in calories.

Exercise daily, take adequate sleep and live a stress free life.