Back pain, knee pain problems are increasing day by day. From child to an adult they all complain for such problems. This is due to lack of vitamin and minerals deficiency in body. The common vitamin which are lagging behind are vitamin-d, Vitamin-B 12,and the macro-nutrient Calcium. 

Due to vitamin-D deficiency calcium can't be absorbed properly in our body and due to less calcium in body one complaints for knee and back pain.

Vitamin-B 12 is also deficient in most of the person. vitamin-B 12 is known to be powerhouse and it also helps in making DNA, blood cell and is also important for healthy immune system. Your metabolism does not stay on track if there is lack of vitamin-B 12 in body. Due to poor metabolism people who are are on weight loss program usually face problems while reducing weight.

By bringing change in your lifestyle and modification in your plate one can bring a change in his life and weight.

Few tips for a better lifestyle:

  • First of all sit in sunlight for at least 20-25 minutes. Early morning sunlight is the best. sitting in sunlight will help in calcium absorption as it will provide you with enough of vitamin-D. It will also help n strengthening of bones.
  • Include calcium rich foods in your diet. sources of calcium are: low fat milk and milk product, green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, ragi,soybean, seeds like seseme seeds. But make sure you are having enough of water during calcium rich diet to avoid formation of renal stones. This nutrient is of special significance during pregnancy and lactation. Avoid colas and aerated drinks if you want your bones to be strong and healthy.
  • Include vitamin-D rich foods i your diet. Sources of vitamin-D are mushrooms, eggs, fish
  • A 45 minute of walk, yoga, swimming or any physical activity is required or i can say is must as it will keep your bones and joint movement active.