When we talk about rainy days, the first thing which clicks to us is spicy and delicious food. We binge on pakoras, chaat, anything which we can enjoy outside on the street vendor stall with a cup of chai. May be what we cook in our kitchen doesn't taste good in comparison to street food especially in this season.

Have we ever given a thought, to the increase in the frequency of seeing a doctor during rainy season? Stomach ache, infections, indigestion, food poisoning, diarrhoea and a more chronic disease like jaundice become very prevalent at this time.

It is because diseases that occur during rains are waterborne. During heavy rainfalls, water gets stored here and there, which encourages the growth of insects and bacteria that enters our food, affect the hygiene condition of outside food, that ultimately affects our health. Moreover, people must remember that in the months of rain, the digestive system is always at risk.

To be on a healthier side, follow these tips:-

  1. Eat home cooked meals which should be lighter, less spicy and less fried.

  2. Avoid outside food especially street food such as pani puri, curd based dishes, raw salads, fruit chats, milk based dishes.

  3. If you are really craving too much for outside food, order for yourself a bowl of soup with no dressing, side sauted veggies/less oily gravy based dishes with a bowl of steamed rice or plain roti without butter.

  4. Go strict with fizzy drinks as well as processed juices and of course don’t go easy with heavy desserts like ice creams.