Cooking a meal can be meditating for one housewife and it can be a chore full of stress for another housewife. First is disciplined, buys ingredients in time,keeps her store handy and full,while other starts to plan dinner for family at 8 pm when every member is back from work but this housewife is used to making a show off of everything she does from cooking to rearing her own kids. Reason second housewife is visiting a lot too many doctors including specialists/ GPs/ Quacks for tiny little ailments afflicting her kids who will follow same traits of a mother full of self generated stress.

Can we afford to say that we care a damn for society?

Yes we can. Why Not ?

I know a separated woman managing her home, education of her kids, going to work with a brave front as if Nothing has happened in her personal life but somehow people Did Come to Know about it Because Her Husband Made an Obvious Drama of Separation.

She continued sharing Positive events with her kids so that Education was Not Affected.

She wore decent clothes but applied only Lipstick and Kohl to her eyes to hide her Trauma.

But Nasty Elements of Society thought that Separation was a Drama and she Was The Culprit!

But she carried on Despite ??

Interpret Stress as Healthy Stress Only that will Bring some Change in life.

Healthy Stress is Positive as it is Result oriented. It does not lead a person to go Aimless in Life.

We cannot be Robots who do not have feelings??

Do Feel for Self and for others in Society so That a Precious Life is Not a Waste.

My Sincere suggestion to every Educated Stay at Home Mother who is feeling Stressful, every time she looks at her well earned degree through hard work only but She has a reason to feel Negative Stress Every time she looks at her classmates as Working woman. 

Do look at glow on faces of your kids and their healthy growth charts. Well brought up kids is a Reward because Time Machine cannot Revert Back when kids go astray brought up by care a damn attendants/ relatives who make a show off as being over Obliging.

A Well earned Degree Never Goes to Dustbin. Women can use it as and when the time is ripe,may be a few years later once the kids are on their own. 

Or remain a working woman but from home keeping an eye on kids and home, taking help from attendants.

May Be I Owe an Explanation to Every Working Woman who is working away from home but her kids are in creches / with relatives / attendants etc.

My take is that Nobody can take place of own mother who can read the mind of her just born baby !

Never Feel Sorry in Life if your conscious Speaks for you and you have No Time to Listen to Others.