Ages have passed and women have used this liquid beauty potion known as rice water. Do not get misguided by its simple name, this magical liquid is known to possess many amazing beauty-enhancing qualities. With the superfluity of the beauty products in the market, certain wonderful home remedies have been out of the flashlight. However, in many places in the world, they are still being used owing to their promising effects and no side effects. These beauty products in the market are full of chemicals and harmful agents that can harm your skin rather than helping it. Hence, it is high time to bring back these home remedies in use and pamper your skin with nature. None of the home remedies when done properly made anyone regretted so come forward and embrace nature and its natural remedies.

Rice water is the fermented water of rice which remains after boiling or soaking the rice. Your skin and hair require certain vitamins and minerals which nourish them and this white cloud-like liquid is a storehouse of these nutrients. Rice water has been used by women since ages in the Japan, China and Southeast Asia for washing their hair. It is truly said, Simple is the best. A simple remedy like Rice water is the best alternative to something complex like Botox. 

Women have always been much conscious about their skin and the way they look, however with advanced time there have been introduced new techniques to look young and beautiful like Botox. Botox is an injectable Botulinum which is a neurotoxin and is being used worldwide by people to look young even in their middle age. However other than being hefty on your pockets, it can also lead to several side effects like allergic reactions on the skin causing rashes and itching, headache, pain in the neck or back, stiffness of muscles, loss of appetite, nausea, weakness, fever, and shortness of breath. Its usage of breastfeeding and pregnant ladies is doubted and you have to go for it again for the next sitting after some time. Other than the mentioned side effects there are many other side effects as well which Botox can cause. While on the other hand, rice water is a natural and pure home remedy which does not cause any significant side effects on the user, even if used repeatedly.

We people usually throw away the rice water just as a residual without even realizing how wonderful it can be for our skin if used correctly. This starchy water can make our skin look better and younger and solve many of our skincare issues. Japanese and Korean people have been using this rice water since ancient times to keep their skin youthful and healthy. There cannot be anything more simple than preparing rice water at home. Let’s see how we can prepare it. Rice water can be prepared in different ways like:

  1. First, you can just soak a cup of rice in the water after rinsing 2-3 times in clean water. Let it soak for 20-30 minutes and then strain the rice and collect the water in a bowl or glass and refrigerate it. You can use this water for 1 week. 
  2. In the second method, rinse one cup of water with plain water and then pour 3-4 cups of water in a bowl. Now soak rinsed rice in this water for two days and keep it for fermentation. Then stir the water and strain and pour it in a bottle and refrigerate it.

Both ways are very easy and quick to prepare rice water at home. You can use any variety of rice as per the availability. This rice water can be used in various ways like when using it in a spray bottle can be used by spraying as a toner or cleanser. Spray some on the face, leave it for sometimes, and then rinse it with normal water. You can also apply it by using a cotton ball on the face and then let it dry for 20-30 minutes and wash it from the face. After learning about how to prepare it, let’s see why it can be used in place of Botox.

  1. With the growing age, certain factors and free radicals diminish the elasticity of the skin and loosen the skin. Rice water is full of antioxidants that hinder the activity of the enzyme which damages the elastin (that is responsible for the elasticity of the skin) and hence maintains a good tighten skin of your face.

  2. Women of Korea and Japan use the rice water since antiquity to clear the marks, pigmentations and blemishes on the skin. Rice water is assumed to contain certain skin whitening compounds in it that give you a clear and brighten skin. This also the reason of rice water usage in many creams and soaps.

  3. There is a skin barrier that prevents your skin to become dried up and get vulnerable to skin conditions like eczema and atopic dermatitis. But with the growing age, this skin barrier is compromised resulting in various mentioned ailments. However, using rice water on the face enables its starch to protect this skin barrier naturally.

  4. Rice water gives a toning effect to your skin by tightening it and people with oily skin are usually benefitted from it. Rice water also minimizes the pores in your skin and tightens it, giving you a younger look.

  5. Sunburn results in red, inflamed and itchy skin that can be relieved by applying starchy rice water that soothes the skin and relieves the inflammation from the area.

  6. Using cold rice water helps in relieving the damaged skin and prevents any further damage. It also helps in treating acne and their further outbreak naturally.

There are not many scientific pieces of evidence present regarding the benefits of rice water, however, it is always found beneficial for anyone who used it. It is one of the most famous traditional remedies which have given magical results and people all around the world are using It.