Professionals, home makers, hostellers or business men there is one favourite thing in common for all of them and that is “TEA.” People are so badly addicted that they can’t work if they don’t get their scheduled tea. But as it’s said, there is right time for everything. Taking tea after meals is a wrong habit of many of us. You deprive yourself from Iron by practicing this. Especially females should stop this habit as majorly they are Iron and Calcium deficient. 

Here are some reasons that why tea should not be taken immediately after meals:

  • Tea leaves contain acidic substance and when they get mixed with the proteins of food which you have consumed, gets solidify. It gets difficult for digestive system to digest that solid and we get sick.
  • Tea contains Caffeine that increases Blood Pressure so it is advised to consume it in limited quantity and do not make it an addiction. Having 4-5 cups a day will act as slow poison.
  • Tea can cause many health issues like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity etc. as the caffeine increases the steroid hormones in the body.
  • Tea contains Polyphenols and tannin acid which do not allow body to take proteins from the food.

So, this winter limit your Chai Ki Chuski and choose healthy options like green tea, Chamomile tea, peppermint tea and Soups to stay warm, healthy and fit.