When we say of diabetes, we mostly assume that sooner or later we would end up being insulin-dependent, and a pain to succumb to and endure. Diabetes could be one debilitating disease in many and some, something that is very difficult to manage. Almost all suffering from diabetes does not at all like the fact that they have to be on insulin shots for the rest of their life. Almost a majority if not all ask one question in common “is diabetes reversal possible?”Reversing diabetes is very much possible. 

By being equipped with the proper knowledge, you will always be able to lead a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risks of full-blown diabetes. With careful execution of diet (the food that we eat), changes in lifestyle, proper exercise, and other diabetes reversal techniques it is always possible to banish the disease, although there are always chances that one specific case may prove incurable. And, the best way forward to begin the reversal process sooner at an early stage when you haven’t moved too far away from it. 

What are the ways to reverse diabetes?

Though drug companies still believe that insulin is the best remedy for diabetes, many can cure themselves by following certain ways, as mentioned below:

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder which is characterized by elevated blood sugar level as a result of insulin inactivity or improper production of insulin or both in the body. The pancreas is the human body that produces insulin that is responsible for the regulation of the sugar or glucose circulating in the blood and its storage. In a diabetic state, the insulin might be unable to do its job or it may not be produced in adequate quantity to do the job. This leads to elevated levels of blood glucose which could be fatal too. 

So, diabetes reversal starts with controlling this insulin. Type 2 diabetes which is not hereditary and a lifestyle disorder and mainly associated with being overweight or obese can be reversed with lifestyle changes and diet. Type 1 diabetes, which is mainly hereditary have lesser chances of its reversal.

The focus is to put diabetes in reverse gear by bringing the blood sugar levels down to normal without the help of medication as it might take much longer with it.

1) Reconstruct your diet.

2) Exercise more, exercise regularly.

3) Drink plenty of water.

4) Inculcate protein in every meal.

5) Have good amount of fibre in your diet.