Anxiety is more likely is associated with fear and worry which is just the opposite of anger. To show anger, one needs that push or courage which is mostly not seen among people eliciting fear. Also people suffering from  anxiety has a hard time to get angry. But over a period of time, when the fear is incapacitating, people may start becoming angry on themselves or towards the situation. One may show anger in the form of:

  • Irritability
  • Loss of control
  • Feel disgust about self
  • Blame self or others
  • Become isolated and so on

Such anger can worsen the anxiety. Also, a person with anxiety already, has low self confidence which can make the person feel helpless and hopeless and she/he may become vulnerable to other psychological disorders.

Thus, addressing such anger can prevent further complications. So, initiating for anger management training and other psychological interventions are beneficial in such cases.