We know how iron is important and its presence in the blood helps carry oxygen to the cells for energy production and good health of tissues. For a good metabolism oxygen is required in the cells. The iron helps carry the oxygen through blood to every cell. Do you remember how a good metabolism helps lose weight?

 28-30  mg is the daily requirement of iron and is vital for a good immune system, build resistance and vital for brain development and concentration. Fainting, fatigue, rapid heartbeat are some of the common symptoms involved with iron deficiency. Iron has a low absorption rate in your body and can be increased with vitamin C.

There are two forms of iron, Heme iron and non heam iron. The meats fall in the heam category which have a higher absorption in the body and non heme are plant food which have a low absorption rate. The oxylates and tannins present in plant food reduce the absorption of iron in the body. Especially caffeine, due to presence of tannins, when consumed with iron rich food can slow the rate of iron absorption?

Traditionally the food was cooked in iron utensils which made the food rich in iron when prepared in them. The food absorbed iron from the iron handi and kadhai and other similar utensils. But with changing times the cooking utensils have changed too.Convenience and appearance  of non-stick utensils and plastic wares for micro waving,have soon replaced the iron utensils from the shelves. People consumed a decent amount of daily iron intake by just cooking the food in the utensil itself, but now with the paradigm shift one has to reach out to richer sources of iron to substitute for this change.

Green leafy vegetables like spinach are good sources of iron. Dates, sprouts and green mint leaves provides a high amount of iron for the body. Nuts and seeds with fortified cereals and fish along with meat provide iron for metabolism. Add vitamin c for higher absorption of it.

Here are some easy tips to increase your iron absorption in your body.
Have sprouts with a squeeze of lime in it for higher iron absorption. Add citrus fruits which contain lots of vitamin C with iron rich foods to accelerate the absorption rate. Vegetables like tomato and broccoli are a good source of both vitamin C and iron.