The first thing that somebody notices about you is your smile but not everyone is blessed with a perfect smile. Your smile can make a lasting impression about your personality. You may not be very comfortable taking to people or smiling because of your crooked smile, which leads to a very under confident personality.

Choosing to straighten your teeth with braces/brackets is a big decision that affects not only your looks but changes your life style as well. It also  comes with several drawbacks like having recurrent mouth ulcers due to braces and wires, inability to  eat food properly , caries due to improper brushing and food accumulation and hypo calcified white spots to name a few. Many people suffer drastic  weight loss due to discomfort caused while eating food and eventually leads to loss of appetite.As an adult, you may be looking to improve your smile for business, social reasons or even for a special occasion like your wedding day. Or perhaps as a teenager too, if you are looking for advanced new technology which delivers cutting edge results. So in such cases  the solution to straight smile without use of train track braces is "INVISIBLE ORTHODONTICS."


It is the way of straightening  your teeth with use of customized transparent / clear aligners.


The first step is the consult with your doctor who examines your teeth properly, takes pictures from all required angles and makes a treatment plan for you. Choosing the right dentist is very crucial since not all dentists work with clear aligners, so it is very important to choose a dentist who has received a proper clear path training and can truly evaluate your needs.

Based on the alignment of your teeth using 3-D technology, you are provided a set of clear aligners  created  specially for you. These are smooth , transparent and comfortable that don't irritate your cheeks and gums like what traditional braces do. And since they are transparent and fit your teeth perfectly, people won't even notice  that you are wearing them.

Approximately every 2-3 weeks  you will be provided a new set of aligners  which you will wear for about 20 hours a day advancing you to the next stage closer to your final outcome. Your doctor monitors your progress by having occasional checks.


They are very comfortable , predictable as you can see the treatment results even before your treatment starts . These can be easily removed while eating , brushing and on special occasions if required thus making them extremely patient friendly.