While working for Rural PHC,during past 42 years,I was surprised by the numbers of people who wanted injections, intravenous fluids as Get Well Quicker Therapy.

Despite the facts that these people were eating well,suffered from No Gastric problems like nausea or vomiting and Did Not Suffer From Dehydration.

Quacks were deliberately Yielding in to the demanding 'patients'

Circa 2019- Rich people who want to stay Young Forever & who refuse to Accept Healthy Ageing Process.

Today I/V drips are part of Wellness Routine. 

Whether suffering from a hangover or flu,Richie rich prefer to go to the wellness clinics & not to hospitals.

Because unusual demands are met & most probably these wellness clinics are Not Managed by Qualified doctors.

Quacks and sweet talking wellness 'experts' do manage to flee,in-case of a mishap like a reaction to vitamins,whereas qualified doctor is slapped with a Court Case.

Let us get to know few fads which are Recent.

Stay Young by getting intravenous Vitamins.

Add Antioxidants to Vitamins

IV drip therapy is the latest health fad,endorsed by celebrities like Rihanna,Kate Upton,Adele and Khloe Kardashian.

Indians are under obligation to follow !

There are clinics in India,catering to demanding people & these clinics do give IV fluids @ 35 'patients' in a day.

Sometimes the IV fluids have plain 5% glucose and maybe some Vitamin C added to it.

Fair Enough so long so long as heavy proteins and other forms of food supplements are not added to IV fluids to make the Kidneys Work Extra, or if given too fast make heart-lungs machine incapable of taking the loads of fluids infused too quickly ??

Or It is Not Fair Enough To Infuse IV fluids to Normal People Who Can Take Oral Medications Easily Without Creating A fuss ?

We as qualified doctors are duty bound to Explain benefits of Oral Medicines & Fluids

We discourage IV fluids because of additional burden & risks of catching diseases by visiting hospitals or catching diseases like AIDS if the Needles / Entire IV equipment are reused.

Coconut water has constituents similar to Plasma & it can be given by Sips to tired patient who can have comforts of home along with the caretakers 

Remember that in India ONE patient does not suffer alone. 

The Entire Family Gets Involved in Taking Care Of Admitted Patient

Avoid Hospitalization & Stop Drama of Being Given IV Fluids/injections

Stop being The Attention Seeker.

Do Visit Hospitals to Help Genuine Patients.

Oral Medication is as effective as IV fluids if there is No Nausea or Vomiting

Best Vitamins & Minerals are Natural Foods & Not Supplements through IV fluids.

If you have lots of money to spend, Spare it for a Cause

Do Not Ape West Blindly.