Yes, the internet with all its know how, power and force is a blessing to have around, but did you know, the World Wide Web is to be blamed for most of us gathering those layers around our waist? Indeed, the internet is giving birth to a large population of tubbies and chubbies galore. This is because we as humans in our daily lives- at work or at play, tend to spend more time in front of a computer, a laptop or a gaming console online, than by taking a walk in the park, going out for a drive, a jogging session or maybe a good old session of talks over a cup of tea with family and friends.

The internet has stolen us of our physical activities. Well almost, and it is so true. Ask yourself how much of time you spend doing physical work, and compare that to the amount of time you would sit to check your social media accounts, your emails or to do your work online? Don't be surprised when the measuring scales tip more to the latter than the former- you still wonder where all that weight came from!

Why does the internet make us fat?

The answer is simple - it isn't the direct affect but the indirect affect of the internet that makes us fat. We are so hooked to what is happening online, which makes us not want to miss a single moment. Mom and dad are busy with their work, and we are busy at our screens. In most cases, we would bring our meals and snacks to the computer table. We munch and work at the same time, and walk back into the kitchen for a sugary drink now and then. What happens here is that we are only stuffing to fulfill our craving desires for sugary and salty delights, with colas and lemonades to wash down with.

Is there any physical activity done?

The answer is NOT MUCH! Since we do not have a sense of time while sitting online and doing whatever it is that we do, we tend to forget that there are other aspects of life so real, which we have ignored completely. If you are trying to lose weight, you should be up and about- a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day can do wonders or maybe thrice a week for an hour, a visit to the gym or a yoga class too would help. You have to find time to fit them in, or else sitting in front of the computer and reading about weight loss techniques and pills, won't help!

Lack of sleep

The internet is also to be blamed for the lack of sleep; the paradigm shift here is apparent. The 90s saw the oncoming of the internet with home computers. Most teens then forgot the 8pm rule, where meals were eaten on time and by 9pn everyone was watching their favorite sitcom, and a while later snoozing away. Eight hours of sleep (undisturbed) per night is so important- it helps the body rejuvenate and refresh, the cells in our body repair themselves while this happens, and ultimately the fats too are done away with. But with internet now on our phones, most of us are wide awake till almost way past midnight- wee hours of the morning too. Where then would the body find its motivation to work to keep you slim?

Smart gadgets, sadder lifestyles, so sedentary.

Our world has got all the smart gadgets and techno-gizmos; in turn has given birth to unhealthy people who wish they were on the right track to fitness. The internet seduces us with everything around; have you seen those yummy lemon tarts (high in sugar), so easy to bake? Before you walk into the kitchen to satisfy your sugar cravings and be back online to read more about how to attain a size 2, remember, take a walk this evening for an hour, and then come back to tell us how you feel without the internet. Your life would change; so would your waistline!