This chilli-Capsicum frutescence was introduced and used by the Native Americans for about 9000years.It is more common in South East Asian countries including India. In India, this chilli plant is mostly seen in Kerala, Assam, Meghalaya and some parts of Tamil Nadu.Birds love to pick the ripe chillies and since it is spread by birds the name” Birds eye chilli”came to this chilli.Also known as Thai chilli.This particular chilli is included among the 10 hottest chilli peppers in the world. Great taste enhancer making of traditional food items. Always been a favourite of several large hotels in North India. The pungency of this chilli always making it more  demanding.Serves as a nutritious food item as well as flavour to dishes.Very small in size ,not more than 2-3cm,with around 10-20 seeds .Available in different colours like white, darkgreen, palegreen,red(ripen).Smallest one is always the best. This makes you extremely alert.

Role in Nutrition and health

  • Increasing Appetite-These chillies helps in increasing appetite and thus improves the digestion through capsaicin content present. It will stimulate the action of stomach and speed up the movement in the intestinal tracts. Also, helps to get relief from flatulence when used at moderate levels.
  • Help in weightloss-Capsaicinoids reduces the overall caloric intake. Consumption of this chilli will increase the metabolic rate, therefore, more calorie gets burned that would be otherwise settled as fat and cholesterol. As we know lesser metabolism will make fat to get accumulated in the body.
  • Reduces cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure.
  • As a medicinal plant, antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial activities. Prevents blood clots, reduces heart diseases and tuberculosis. Capsaicin is same time a very powerful pain reliever.

Precautions-People suffering from ulcers or heartburn are not supposed to have this chilli since it may cause stomach irritation. Capsaicin can increase the stomach acid levels making certain drugs less effective.